Nigerian born, multi-award winning, pop singer Sade Adu’s 20-year-old daughter, Mickailia “Ila” Adu has announced she is in transition to become a man on Instagram.

From this point on I will refer to Ila as “he” out of respect.

I guess I must be out of date because I didn’t even know that Ila was gay (and fucking hot). He has been very open about his lesbianism and relationship with his girlfriend on his social media sites. Ila has been wearing male clothing as well as taking male hormones leading up to his public announcement to his 3503 Instagram followers (I’m still waiting behind 1000’s of prospective followers because his page is private).

Ila has been reportedly suffering from “gender dysphoria” – a condition where a person suffers from discomfort because of the sexuality of their body is opposite of their gender identity. So, Ila’s announcement was short of a surprise to his fans and followers.

Sade Adu has not given a public comment on her daughter’s transition despite its rapid popularity across the globe.

With hashtags like “selfmademan” “transman #proud, it is evident that Ila is happy and firm about his decision, and, I am happy too. I wonder if he will be changing his name.